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Student Leadership

Student Leadership

Leaders are not born, they are made. Leadership is like a small seed in the ground that needs to be watered to grow. Leadership qualities are watered through experience, education, awareness and action. Young people today are the leaders of tomorrow.

We endeavor to include our students in the day to day life of our school. Practical student participation is at the core of our Student Leadership programmes. Currently we have two programmes where senior students can develop and refine their leadership potential.

The Prefect System

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The Peer Mentor Programme


The benefits of these programmes to the school and the students include:

  • increased communication skills;
  • greater commitment and cooperation to the school from the wider student body;
  • positive influences on the climate of the school;
  • supportive transitioning to secondary school for new students;
  • development of leadership skills;
  • a strengthened school spirit;
  • improved academic performance;
  • a network of support for the pupil body and development of the ‘student voice’.

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