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Modern Foreign Languages

Modern Foreign Languages

At Méan Scoil Mhuire Longford we offer both Spanish and French at Junior Cycle and Leaving Certificate.

At Junior Cycle students study at a common level and at Leaving Certificate students can choose to study higher or ordinary level, with many of our students opting to study at higher level.

French and Spanish are both very popular languages to learn in Ireland and by allowing students to study one of these languages opens many future job opportunities and possibilities to travel to other parts of the world.

Our Modern Foreign Language classes teach students how to communicate effectively in the target language they have chosen to study. They will also develop language and cultural awareness for the areas where their selected language is spoken.

Below you can see a sample of fantastic work completed by both our French and Spanish students in our school.


In 2019 Méan Scoil Mhuire hosted an event / competition titled the 'Extended Project' which allowed for many different students to showcase their incredible work from all different departments in the school. The overall winner was Daniela Rana who studies French. Daniela completed an amazing project on France titled ' Things you did not know about France' which can be seen below:

French 1.png


This year we have 3 first year groups who chose to study Spanish and below is a sample of the their views on why they chose to study Spanish and how they currently find learning it in school:


We also are very lucky to have some of our excellent first year students who were willing to gave us a sample of what they have been learning since September in Spanish class and what they enjoy most about the subject, take a look at what some of them had to say:






News - Las noticias

This week our 1st year groups were very busy contributing to the annual Shoe box appeal organised by Team Hope. This year as the appeal has moved online, each class contributed and came together to virtually create and prepare show boxes to be sent to those who need them the most. Each class worked together to create their virtual shoe box during class time as you can see below, we even played some Christmas songs while creating the show boxes! It was very enjoyable and it was a nice activity to do to get us all in the Christmas spirit after a stressful week of winter assessments! Well done girls! / ¡Excelente chicas!


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