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Erasmus +

Erasmus +

We are proud to be involved in the European wide Erasmus+ school exchange programme!

Erasmus+ is an EU funded student exchange initiative where schools from across Europe work together on educational and cultural projects. Our first Erasmus project, ‘Comenius’, took place from 2012-2014 and involved our transition year students travelling to schools from all across Europe.

Following on from this highly successful exchange programme, Meán Scoil Mhuire had no hesitation in joining the ‘You-Topia’ Erasmus project in 2016, which ran until 2019. During the course of this programme fourteen transition year students travelled to schools in Slovakia, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Latvia and Italy. Through these pan European projects, our students have had some wonderful experiences, while also making friends for life along the way.

At present we are eagerly looking towards the future as we are in the early planning stages of our next Erasmus project.

Check out our You-Topia gallery below:

Munich 2016

Bratislava 2017

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