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TY Notes

The TY students have been very busy lately
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TY Notes
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1) Psycho Spaghetti!
Laughter abounded in Backstage Theatre on the 25th of October as TY students were treated to a dazzling comedic performance about teenage life. Ger Carey, a one-man powerhouse, re-enacted the trials and acrimonious tribulations of teenage life. But there was a serious message to this production. We as teenagers need to be true to ourselves. We need to open up to our parents. We need to seek advice and never feel that we are truly alone! Thank you Ms Griffin and Ms O Brien for this worthwhile and hilarious experience!
2) 67 Hours of Teenage Motherhood:
Four students, four babies, 67 hours, nappy changes, feeding, burping, cuddling and sleepless nights mean one thing only ---the TY Baby Programme has recommenced! Every weekend four students will be tasked with caring for a real life like baby. Let the games begin!!
3) Goal's John O Shea:
TY students were thrilled when they discovered that John O Shea, founder and former CEO of the international aid charity Goal, had taken time from his hectic schedule to discuss with them the importance of social enterprise and entrepreneurship. He highlighted the importance of the developing world which he profoundly referred to as the forgotten world. For O Shea, the forgotten world is the parts of the developing world that are neglected and abandoned. His images of malnourished children and unsanitary living conditions will live long in our memories. O Shea left us with the tragic thought that there are more people dying and being buried in the forgotten world than are being saved.
4) The Alpha Youth Programme:
Father McGrath and his team introduced us to the 12 week Alpha Programme on the 3rd of October.
The Alpha Programme is a series of interactive session that freely explores the basics of the Christian faith. This is the third year of the programme in the school. Perhaps you would like to participate too by asking yourself just one of the many questions we are currently exploring ; "If you could ask God any one question what would it be?" Challenging stuff!
5) Junk Kouture:
Our budding fashionistas are busy beavering away at their entries for this year's competition. This competition challenges would be designers to create striking couture designs and wearable art from everyday junk. TY students are currently at the initial design phase so don't be surprised if what you consider to be junk is suddenly in high demand! Further information to follow.

03 2021
Bank Holiday
04 2021
School Closure
The girls and our staff are onto their final week of the Longford to New York challenge, a huge thanks to everyone who donated so far and to all participants. Work has already begun on sourcing new jerseys for the school!
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